Mac Classic Archive
Stuff for Mac OS from before there was OS X

These are games, screensavers and other programs I developed for Mac OS from 1992 to 2000. They all need an old Mac OS or Classic mode an OS X computer in order to run. The screensavers also require After Dark or the equivelant.  
The programs won’t run on the newest Intel Macs.
If you download a file that ends with .hqx, .sit or .cpt and you don’t know what to do with it, get Stuffit Expander and use that to expand the file.

An original, abstract board game. This page has rules and tips as well as the Macintosh version of the game which learns by playing.

SUMO  1995-1998
I originally developed SUMO as a commercial action game. Now it’s available as Freeware for Macintosh.

ButtonTalk  1995-2000
A tool for writers who want to create interactive text. This page also has my musings on the possibilities of interactive fiction. Now Freeware.

Screensavers   1993-1998
These are After Dark compatible screensaver modules for Macintosh.

Odds ’n Ends   1992-1995
Some other pieces of free software that I created for Macintosh.

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