SUMO by Stephen Linhart

SUMO(tm) - The fast action, constant challenge, wild and outlandish game of harmony and balance!

Now you can download SUMO for Macintosh Classic as Freeware.

(now supports MacOS 9)

Welcome to SUMO

In SUMO you are there, and there is a surrealistic, alien version of sumo wrestling.

To make SUMO we watched thousands of hours of actual game play on Globulon, and carefully recorded the playing styles of the actual alien champions. Then we constructed a sophisticated neural network that learns by playing and responds to your playing style, so no two games are ever the same!

Now you can download SUMO as Freeware. All it needs is a Macintosh with System 6 or newer. Version 1.0.3 now supports MacOS 9.

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