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This is a page for little pieces of Macintosh Classic entertainment software, and game scenarios I’ve made over the years. You can visit the rest of my site by starting at my homepage.

If you download a file that ends with .hqx, .sit or .cpt and you don’t know what to do with it, get Stuffit Expander and use that to expand the file.

Intro To Chaos
Intro To Chaos

A scenario for Lode Runner: The Legend Returns

This is a single complex level for the new Lode Runner. It’s a thinking type puzzle made up of several arcade type puzzles. It was created by Stephen Linhart and Tao Rodriguez-Seeger. Two people have checked to be sure that it is possible. Lode Runner: The Legend Returns is required - 2K Download

The Orbs

Special thanks to Piet Mondrian for
Composition With Lines

This strange and wonderful desk accessory is like a cross between a 3-D gravitational simulation and frenetic Macintosh pets. The Orbs is Copyright 1992 by Stephen Linhart. This version (1.0) is Freeware. It runs on any Macintosh. - 6K Download
The Orbs

Sneaky Levels
Sneaky Levels

A scenario for the original Lode Runner

30 very tough and interesting levels for Lode Runner. Most of these levels are very intellectual. Some may seem to be impossible, but they have all been done by two or more people. Many of them require a different strategy the second time around (levels 31 to 60). These levels were created by Stephen Linhart and Doug Hewitt. Lode Runner is required. - 3K Download

Manhattan Bolo Map

Here’s a Bolo map of Manhattan by Stephen Linhart and Tao R. Seeger. We did this with Photoshop, Bolotomy and BoloStar. We aren’t making any warranties about its fun, safety or fitness for any purpose. But we think it’s way cool and you should try it! Freeware, Copyright 1994. - 5K Download


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