Now Freeware.

ButtonTalk™ is an easy to use tool for creating interactive fiction on Macintosh Classic. It may also be useful for documentation, for scripts or prototypes of interactive products and for exploring ideas for traditional fiction. My goal is to examine some notions of how writers can create interactive fiction and what the possibilities are. My method is to give you a simple and powerful authoring tool that lets you create finished products. ButtonTalk lets you export the documents you create in ButtonTalk into HTML format.

ButtonTalk 1.4.2 (ZIP)
ButtonTalk 1.4.2 (HQX)
ButtonTalk 1.4.2 is now Freeware. I have removed the restrictions on commercial and educational use. Copyright 2000 by Stephen Linhart - Macintosh Classic Required (ButtonTalk will not work on the newest Intel Macs).

ButtonTalk Companion
ButtonTalk Companion is an interactive manual I created for ButtonTalk. This is an HTML version exported in HTML format for the Web by ButtonTalk.

The Luminous Dome
Luminous Dome is a sample I created to demonstrate some of my ideas about interactive fiction. Like ButtonTalk Companion it was exported from ButtonTalk in HTML format. I did only a few minutes of tweaking the HTML files (such as the bold titles in the Companion). I include them here for their own sakes, but also as examples of what you can do with ButtonTalk.

Perilous Flight 808!
An Interactive Adventure by Cuitla Huezo
If you create something with ButtonTalk and put it on the Web, please let me know so I can put a link to it from here. If you have a Macintosh and you try ButtonTalk, or if you have something you want to say about interactive fiction let me know that as well.

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