Illustration Susan(tm)
A quick and subtle game for two players
(or for you and your Mac)

Copyright 1994,1995 by Stephen Linhart

Macintosh version by Stephen Linhart
Special thanks to Doug Hewitt and Jason Linhart

SUSAN™ is a quick and subtle board game for two players. It was invented by Stephen Linhart (that’s me) in 1991. In addition to the traditional board game, SUSAN is also available as a computer game for Macintosh which features an intelligent computer opponent that uses a simulated neural-network to actually learn by playing.

Play SUSAN on Richard’s Play-By-eMail Server

Java version on Sourceforge

About SUSAN: The Graphical Version

Complete Instructions and Strategy Guide: Text Version


SUSAN Pack has everything you need for SUSAN version 2.5 on Macintosh Classic. It includes SUSAN, two sets of add-on color art, a manual with strategy tips, and an advanced intelligence file. This is the original board game with a computer opponent that LEARNS by playing, so it’s always near your skill level. Now even faster, and it learns better too. SUSAN 2.5 Pack is Copyright 1994 by Stephen Linhart, and is Freeware. It runs in color or B&W with Macintosh System 6.0.2 or newer, including System 7. - 628K Download

SUSAN Colors #2

SUSAN Colors #1

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