About SUSAN(tm)

SUSAN™ is played on a hexagonal board with 61 spaces. One player uses white (or light red) stones, the other uses black (or dark blue) stones.
On each turn you can place a stone in any empty space, or slide a stone that you already have on the board. When sliding a stone, you may move it to any neighboring space that is not already occupied. If both players slide three turns in a row, the game is a draw.
The object of the game is to surround any ONE of your opponent’s stones. You surround a stone simply by filling in the spaces around it - a stone may be surrounded by any combination of your stones, your opponent’s stones and the edge of the board. But be careful; if one of your stones is surrounded on your own turn (even if you surround on of our opponent’s stones at the same time), you lose the game!
A black stone is
surrounded on
five sides. Black
needs to make a
defensive move.
Example #1
This move guards
the space where
White would
have placed the
winning stone.
Example #2
White slides a
stone. In this
situation, neither
player can make
the final move.
Example #3
Because of its
position near the
corner, this black
stone cannot be
Example #4

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