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Dancer in a Black Frame
  I work in digital collage, algorithmic art and vector art using a camera, a scanner and a computer. My source materials include my own photography as well as stock photography and timeless art of the past. Starting with scans, photographs and mathematical abstractions, I blend, combine and compose to create images that move me.
Because I create my art on a computer, there are no physical originals. I make very small editions and monoprints using laser printing on photographic paper or pigment printing on canvas. These prints are the primary physical form of these images.

These printing techniques produce fabulous images and that should last twice as long as Cibachrome. Each print is mounted for stability. I frame them without glazing because I prefer the prints to be immediate, not secluded behind glass. These prints are a durable media which can be handled with the same care you would use with a varnished oil painting.

I make proofs of each image, which are not for sale. Any other signed prints I make are part of the edition. Because I print the editions one image at a time, alternate sizes are possible. Please contact me if you are interested in sizes other than those listed in this portfolio. Sometimes I have a particular print on hand, at other times it might take me up to two weeks to prepare the print you want.