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 by Stephen Linhart

The images on this site are digital collages assembled on my computer from photographic sources and algorithmic elements. I chose to present detail, rather than composition in this case; largely because it´s almost always done the other way and I think the presentation of detail deserves some exploration.

These images have less resolution than my digital prints, since a computer screen is rarely much better than 72 dpi. But that´s a fair bit of resolution because the images are in the range of 30x40 inches. This is my first exploration of this scrolling display technique on the Web.

Forge is composed from flowers and hair. Series 3 is a complex algorithm applied to the human form. Annual is a simple layering of flower images, as is Flowers. Currency is a layered and distorted image of bills from around the world. Gesop is a gestural image processed with an Op-Art effect.